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1. What all products do you make?

We are a plant-based F&B company currently making oat-based drinks. 

2. Are your products Vegan?

It’s in our name 😊 We’re 100% made from plants! Look no further!

3. If you don’t add any sugar or sweeteners in Classic variant, then how is your drink sweet?

Through a natural enzymatic process, our product ninjas have managed to make a drink that is sweet and tastes great! Sweet and zero added sugar – amazing, right?

4. Are all of your drinks sugar free?

No, We want to deliver the best in taste for your palate. To ensure this, we have added low sugar to a few of our flavoured variants. Don’t worry, it’s called out clearly on the pack 😊 If you want something without sugar, we have quite a few options for you, also!

5. How long will your Oat Drink last? When will it get spoilt?

It’s so yummy that you don’t even need to bother. You’re going to drink it in a day, we guarantee. But just so you know, it can last upto 4 days, when refrigerated!

6. How does an Oat drink compare to Almond or Soya drinks?

It’s yummy, for sure. It’s nutritionally great, also. As good as the other two. (If you’re looking for a protein fix, then this doesn’t have it. But hey, it tastes great with protein powders!) 

7. How does Oat drink compare to regular milk? Regular milk is rich in Calcium, how does this compare?

Taste it. You’re going to love it! More importantly, we’ve got your back. Calcium in our drink is 20% higher than that of regular milk. 

8. Is your packaging recyclable? What is your plan to make it recyclable?

Our bottles are recyclable. But that’s not enough. We’re serious about the environment and are actively searching for solutions to make pick up as much plastic as we put out. 

9. Can I make coffee, tea with this Oat Drink?

Stir it, foam it, froth it, boil it. Do as you like with it. It’s great with coffee, tea, chocolate – whatever your fix is. Come up with something interesting and let us know on Instagram!

10. Can I dip biscuits into this drink?

Yes! It’s only going to make the biscuit yummier!

11. I have a nut allergy. Can I consume your product?

Yes you can. We maybe a nutty bunch, but our Oat drink is completely nut free!

12. I have a gluten allergy? Is it safe for me to consume your product?

Oats are gluten free. But we would advise caution. Our products are produced in a facility which isn’t gluten free. There maybe traces of gluten which we would, advise, you avoid.

13. I have lactose intolerance? Will this product hurt my stomach?

Absolutely not! The only thing that will happen is you having butterflies in your stomach for when you fall in love with the taste of it!

14. Can I order one? Or is there a minimum order?

Yes you can.

15. What’s the standard delivery time? Does delivery time vary basis the variants?

We’re committed to sending you a fresh product. Depending on your location (Only in Bengaluru), our product will reach you within 72 hours. But don’t worry, it will be made fresh!

16. Can I place an order today? When’s the earliest I can place an order?

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